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World Country Map This is a BETA version. Worked countries are highlighted in orange. Not all ADIF countries are supported. I'll have a higher resolution map available in a few days.
QSO Forwarding If you try QSO Forwarding and it does not work, please stop until you contact me (N9MS). The Forwarding program has been stopping because of bad XML most likely from unsupported logging programs. Currently, I support HRD, N1MM, Log4OM, and N3FJP. For anything else, please email and we will test to be sure the XML is correct.
Worked All States Map The W.A.S map is back in operation using a new Geocoding API that is affordable.
County Maps Thanks to our DONORS, I was able to purchase both the State QSO Party maps, and the U.S. County map! (hundreds of $$).
State QSO Party Maps All State QSO Party Maps show county name below QSO count for worked counties now.
ADIF to Map For now, a login is not required. This might change in the future.

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California QSO Party Map

Only California Counties Supported. Non-California contacts ignored.

N3FJP/N1MM Contest Log ADIF files preferred. Other ADIF files accepted with <cnty tags

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