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Google Earth News!
Google has shut down the Google Earth Plugin. Sorry! It no longer functions.
Labels working!
I corrected the problem with labels. The checkbox is working once again.
DX News
Check out the latest DX News by clicking on the navigation link at the top of the page.
Link to QRZ
After clicking on a map pin, click on the call sign to view that station's QRZ page.
New Filter
The View My Map and High Rez links allow you to optionally filter on your QSO date.
Pivot Change
For contest logs, QSOs can be broken down by OPERATOR and ARRL Section. Applies to logs uploaded after 9/26/2016.
Pivot Table
Click HERE to view your QSOs in an Excel-like Pivot Table. Try dragging BAND in front of COUNTRY. Play with it. Let me know if you like it. Click here for more examples (N9MS)
Demo map replaced by Callsign search
Enter a callsign or partial callsign to display a map.
Speed Up
I've added page compression to speed up map display!

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