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QSOMAP on QRZ I moved my SSL certificate so check the FAQs for a change in the iframe code used on QRZ.COM
New Users click on Account then New
Gridsquare Map You can now turn on/off Grid Labels
Worked Grids
I added a Worked Grids Map. Click a grid square to see stations worked in that grid.
Google Earth KML Files
If you are interested in putting markers on Google Earth, click on the FILE menu option to download a KML file then go to Google Earth click on My Places and upload the KML file you downloaded from QSOMAP.ORG.
High Rez Static Image
I added an extra option under File to download a MapQuest image file containing your last 300 QSO markers. You can upload this file to Walgreens and produce a Poster size image. Crop the map using the Walgreens crop tool.

As a thank you to my donors, I will add extra maps to your account at your request (e.g. N9XYZ/CQWPX or N9XYZ/DXCC etc.) This may help reduce the number of markers on any one map.

Mike N9MS

Please help keep QSOMAP.ORG online!

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