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QSO Graphs
Click Here to see Bar Charts of 2018 QSOs by month.
Click Here
to see Bar Charts of your 2018 QSOs by band.

Click Here
to see a Pie Chart of 2018 QSOs by mode.
Click Here
to see Bar Charts of your 2017 QSOs by month.
Click Here
to see Bar Charts of your 2017 QSOs by band.
Click Here
to see Bar Chart of # QSOs per band per selected country.
Upload Multiple ADIF Files
Click Here to test the Multiple ADIF upload feature. Let me know if you like it.
Update your Email Address
Click on Chg Email in the Navigation Bar to check and/or update your Email Address.
ADIF Update
Apparently some logging programs do not follow the ADIF spec and will put non-numeric characters in the <TX_PWR> tag which caused the Upload program to ignore the QSO record. I revised the code so that the non-numeric characters are removed leaving any numerics to represent the power (e.g. 50W becomes 50).
DXCC countries like Hawaii and Alaska and some contest stations were erroneously being reported as United States. This is now corrected! 04:26Z 3/5/2018
New Features
1. New UPLOAD process No more waiting ... File uploaded to processing queue like ClubLog

2. Grey Line map Best viewed on wide-screen monitors.

3. FULL SCREEN Gadgets
My Map, High Rez and Grey Line maps have a full screen button. Check it out!!
My map and High Rez now allow you to turn on the Maidenhead Grid System
DX News
Check out the latest DX News by clicking on the navigation link at the top of the page.
Link to QRZ
After clicking on a map pin, click on the call sign to view that station's QRZ page.
New Filter
The View My Map and High Rez links allow you to optionally filter on your QSO date.
Pivot Table
Click HERE to view your QSOs in an Excel-like Pivot Table. Try dragging BAND in front of COUNTRY. Play with it. Let me know if you like it. Click here for more examples (N9MS). Contest logs can be broken down by ARRL Section

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